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When it’s time to stock up on your Triple A bulk batteries supply, choose Voniko for the “Power That Goes With You,” and choose to buy in bulk so you don’t run out of batteries any time soon. Our premier selection of AAA bulk batteries are second to none and expertly manufactured.

Be In the Know
Because we live in a new age of technology and gadgets, it’s more important than ever to choose batteries that can keep up. Voniko’s AAA bulk batteries have been shown to last up to as much as nine times longer than ordinary carbon batteries. Their performance indicates that they are the highest quality alkaline batteries on the market today.

In addition to their amazing longevity, they have a 10-year shelf-life; they can function in extreme temperature fluctuations; and they are cadmium-, mercury-, and lead-free which is better for both you and the environment.

Our patented design makes these functional batteries even more useful. The unique specifications of these triple-A bulk batteries are made with a double barrier that prevents leaks and avoids short-circuiting.

Lasts 6-9x longer than ordinary carbon batteries
10-year Shelf Life
Works in Extreme Temperatures
Mercury & Cadmium Free
Lead Free
Patented Double-Barrier Leak Protection

Use Them for Almost Everything
Whatever you regularly use your AAA batteries for, opt for long-lasting and efficient Voniko Ultra Alkaline batteries instead. They will work for just about everything: remotes, clocks, game controllers, toys, flashlights, and appliances.

Our unique design utilizes the best materials to manufacture a high-quality product. Our rigorous standards and testing have ensured that Voniko’s defect rate is five parts per million, meaning that less than five batteries out of every million are defective, an incredibly low number in the industry, which illustrates that these AAA bulk batteries are dependable as well as productive.

Buy Yours Today
Follow the link on this page to place your order for our triple A bulk batteries. Sign up for our current deals to get amazing discounts and offers. Then try out our batteries and the spread the good word!

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